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Days Gone Review – Should you buy Days Gone?

Check out the Days Gone Review and watch GAME PLAY…….

Are you still unsure if you want to buy Days Gone or not?

Check out : Official Days Gone Trailer

Days Gone is so far, one of the best games of the year!

If you are unsure if you want to purchase it yet, we have included the walk through trailer into this post that showcases how amazing Days Gone is!

Days Gone Review

Days Gone Review – We all love the look of Days Gone, but here is what IGN Says….

“Around 10 hours into Days Gone, you’re thrown into a hunting tutorial apropos of nothing. The over-the-top libertarian character takes you out with a rifle and shows you how to track a deer, although you’ve already had a tracking tutorial. You’re then tasked with getting more meat for you and your buddy because your supply is running low, something you never have to do again. You also don’t cook or eat; you can only donate meat to camps around the map to earn a negligible amount of trust and money with them. After a little while, even stopping to get meat off wolves that attacked you doesn’t seem worth it.

Like many things in Days Gone, hunting exists just to be there, an idea that is picked up and then abandoned at random. Unlike hunting, some of those ideas are even good in the moment. But most aspects of Days Gone lack purpose. Its many narrative threads flirt with being meaningful and interesting but never quite commit, with characters whose actions and motivations don’t make sense. Riding a souped-up motorcycle through the world and taking out zombie nests and hordes is satisfying in the way that completing open-world checklists often is, but by the end, you’re left to wonder what the point of it all was.

The first act of the game–about 20 hours or so–sets up quite a few narrative arcs. Two years after the initial “Freaker” outbreak, biker buddies Deacon St. John and Boozer have become drifters doing odd jobs for nearby survivor camps and keeping mostly to themselves. Deacon’s wife, Sarah, had been stabbed at the very beginning of the outbreak; Deacon put her on a government helicopter bound for a refugee camp so she could get medical attention, but when he and Boozer arrived, the camp has been overrun by Freaks, and Sarah had apparently died. Deacon is understandably not coping with it well. Boozer suggests riding north and leaving the memories behind, but Deacon’s bike breaks down and is subsequently looted for parts, so one of your main goals is to earn trust and credits at the nearby camps in order to rebuild your motorcycle.”

Days Gone Review – Video (IGN)

Here is the review of Days Gone by IGN YouTube Channel.

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Watch the Official Days Gone Trailer

Days Gone is now officially released. Watch the trailer here!

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