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Well, at the moment, the team consist’s of me, myself and I!

I’ll start with a brief introduction….. My name is Lee, I’m a tech, gaming and gadget fanatic who loves the share content, creations and developments with the wider world! I’m an early 30’s guy, based in the midlands in the UK, originally from Wales and just like you, I am a HUGE fan of Fortnite! I play it all day, everyday!

From the early days of Allied Assault on PC (MOHAA), to the old COD games on PS4 (COD 1 onwards), often staying up until 6am attempting to complete the Zombie Easter Eggs, to now playing Fortnite as my SOLE and FAVOURITE game!

I’m also a bit of a Tech Geek as mentioned, and have another platform that is for Tech gadget reviews and Streaming tips!

Fortnite Tipster

Being the geek that I am, I am forever making new videos, new websites, new apps and more. I tend to create websites and blogs around the content I love, and that is where the idea for came from! Why well, as you can imagine, popular domains for Fortnite are all taken, and being a leak, news and tips website, I decided to go with Tipster.

The website is a brand new baby, and was board in April 2019. Depending how long this site is maintained for, this may be outdated by the time you read this!

Days Gone Intel

Since first seeing the teaser trailer for Days Gone at E3 back in 2016, I knew it was going to be a hit! Regardless of negative reviews, Days Gone looks and feels INCREDIBLE! Something different, unique and breath taking!

Whilst searching on Google, I realised there wasnt much of a #1 resource place, which is why I decided to setup this site, to offer a fan portal for everything Days Gone, including news, downloads, leaks, updates and tutorials!

This is a new site, and have big intentions to grow it, including creating a YouTube channel that may involve streaming. However, at this moment, my goal is to provide DAILY content and be one of the first to leak that information to you! I do this as a hobby, and may have a friend joining to team to help bring updates even quicker!

I got banned from Facebook so am unable to create a Facebook page and would be happy to consider new members to the team, so if you can help out in anyway, which could include, writing posts, video tutorials and leaks, social sharing, facebook page management, then visit the Contact Us page and get in touch! I could always use an extra hand for new publishers on this site! (SEO experience ideally)!

Want to join the team, or get the latest updates? Follow @DaysGoneIntel on twitter, or get in touch via the Contact Us page!