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Days Gone 1.06 Patch Notes

Bend Studio are once again quick on the updates. We have another update, and here are the 1.06 Patch Notes

We now have the a new update, which is a small 132MB update on Days Gone.

Usually, we would list the FULL changes of what is included in the 1.06 Patch, but Bend Studio have summarised it as ‘General Fixes’, with no real changelog.

Since rolling out the 1.05 Patch Update, some users have claimed that they are experiencing bugs that affect the sound of the game, and in some cases, some users are reporting that there is no sound at all.

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Nic Jerry reports a sound bug to Bend Studio.

Reddit user “Negative_Nester” reported the following after the 1.06 update:

Since the release of the patch, my PS4 Pro has hard crashed twice, almost instantaneously. I have tried multiple games and I am not experiencing any such issue. From what I’m reading from a couple other people I am not the only one experiencing the issue. The game is literally unplayable. Is anyone not experiencing this problem?

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It looks like the developers are under alot of pressure to fix the bugs, and as we can tell from the very quick release of 1.06, they are working hard to iron out the bugs, but as expected with every new game, there will be updates required to fix common issues. The key point is how quick the developers react to such bugs and issues, and as we can tell from the updates, the Days Gone development team are all over it!

Great work team, keep it up!

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